Life is a series of thousands of tiny moments. Do you notice them?

Mornin’☕️ Do you ever get to the end of the year and struggle to remember the highlights?

When I was teaching and the twins were little, life was a well oiled machined. I accomplished WAY more when I was working than I do now, but I often got to an end of a year and couldn’t remember a dang thing. 


Aaron and I could get two babies, two dogs, and ourselves showered and out the door by 6amand sometimes before 6. It worked, until there was a snafu of some sort then everything could be derailed. Sitting here I can account for the time I left the coats at home and had to stop at Walmart because I didn’t have time to go back home. Or the time the twins were in preschool at my work and they were sick so I was running them to the doctors on my lunch break. 

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