Life is a series of thousands of tiny moments. Do you notice them?

Mornin’☕️ Do you ever get to the end of the year and struggle to remember the highlights?

When I was teaching and the twins were little, life was a well oiled machined. I accomplished WAY more when I was working than I do now, but I often got to an end of a year and couldn’t remember a dang thing. 


Aaron and I could get two babies, two dogs, and ourselves showered and out the door by 6amand sometimes before 6. It worked, until there was a snafu of some sort then everything could be derailed. Sitting here I can account for the time I left the coats at home and had to stop at Walmart because I didn’t have time to go back home. Or the time the twins were in preschool at my work and they were sick so I was running them to the doctors on my lunch break. 

When the twins started preschool at my work, I became the one to carry more of the load. I can remember feeding the twins in the car most for their meals, and can still to this day can name movies by just hearing them. Not because we were snuggled in bed together, having quality time, but because they watched movies to and from my work, their school, for two hours everyday. 10 hours in a car every week and roughly 378 hours in a 9 month period.  And the last thing that is most memorable from their preschool days….arriving home to our driveway with sleeping kiddos where I would turn off the car and join them for a quick nap before heading in to take care of the dogs, make dinner, and get everything prepared for the next day of the “rat race.” 


While I know I could probably think of some more memorable things from those years working and managing a family, they don’t come to the surface as quickly as all of the memories. 

About three years ago, I didn’t know what I was missing out on then, but I knew our everyday life wasn’t what was good for us. It wasn’t what I wanted for our family and Aaron agreed.

We did a crazy thing…something we thought would occur, but not for a few more years. Around this time, three years ago, I quit my job . It’s been a struggle going from being super busy to having time on my hands. But the best thing about having left my job… I can sit back this year and think about all the tiny moments…the ones that really count…

I hope 2018 is a year you can remember. One full of tiny moments that are fulfilling. And if not, I hope you will find a way to slow things down and have more time to observe and make tiny moments you will cherish come December 2019. ❤️



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