‘Tis the Season

It’s a good thing I live in the mid-west because by the time one season is coming to an end I’m over it and ready for the next. If you asked me what my favorite season is, it’s really all of them. There is something about the division those seasons provide throughout the year that compliments my personality. While nature’s seasons are predictable, and convenient when you’re tired of wearing shorts and t-shirts, the season’s in our lives can really leave us wondering “what’s next?” There is no way of knowing when one season in our life is ending and another is beginning. Which I, to be honest, struggle with even though I know God’s got things under control.

Yesterday, I had to run into town to drop a library book off for Caroline at school and while I was out, I thought I would run a few errands. I hadn’t been out of the house in two days because of marathon wrapping before winter break begins. As I headed home, Parker fell asleep and with my to-do-list off of my mind, I found myself in a familiar place when driving along.  Then a flash back occurred.

I was driving in the same curves I had driven that Summer day. I remember having just walked Riggs, our pup, at the park with Parker and as we became close to home I remember thinking how life couldn’t get better. Everything had finally started to fall into place after having moved in January. All the kiddos were happy (Thank goodness!) and major projects had been started or completed. Boxes were unpacked for the most part and the house was finally feeling like home. It was if  in that exact moment a weight was officially off my shoulders. Balance had been restored and our new normal felt right. It was that same week when things quickly spiraled into somewhat of a tornado of events for my husband, Aaron, and his back.  Our family’s foundation was shaken, and that care-free feeling became more like a held breath for quite some time.

Six months later, after Aaron’s complications with surgery, those curves I drove yesterday finally felt peaceful again with a whole new appreciation of the “life is good” feeling.  This feeling of being able to breathe again is the best gift to receive this Christmas season-and probably one I won’t ever forget.  With being more clear of mind, I feel like I have been mentally positioned to make this Christmas and Christmases to come, more purposeful.

I am anxiously awaiting Winter break to begin so our family can start new traditions in this home while continuing with the some of the old. I find myself looking forward to the simple moments like long drawn out meals chatting with one another, snuggling with the kids with out anywhere to be, impromptu adventures outside and as much rest as we can possibly get so we are ready for what’s in store in the New Year.

I hope this Christmas Season is a meaningful one for you and your family.  From our family to yours, Merry Christmas and Cheers to a very happy and healthy New Year!




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