Say it isn’t so! Stone House Revival is Canceled?

Anyone else feel like Mother Nature continues to “skip” seasons this year? Our pup, Riggs, had me out early in the morning and I have to say I miss just throwing on my flip flops and taking him out. Granted some days I just bear the cold and still throw on the flops, like this morning, but that frosty grass on my toes has me thinking my boots need to be parked by the door instead.

As many of you know, my husband and I uprooted our family of five from the suburbs and moved to the country back in January to a historic farmhouse.  My husband and I, both dreamers, kept talking about having land we could enjoy any time we wanted.  After having said I was done searching for homes for like the tenth time, I expanded the search and found our now home. While it was completely insane at the time to just pick up and move I couldn’t deny this gut feeling I had.  And anyways, you only live once…right?

The farmhouse was mostly my requirement when looking to move, and a front porch.  My husband, never having lived in a farmhouse, agreed (he must really love me :-).  Right away we decided our home needed to be preserved and not gutted like so many homes we looked at.  Granted there are things in our home we need to make period that were added along the way, but overall we don’t have to create that rich authentic farmhouse charm like so many design shows and magazines are grounded in these days.

While I enjoy home shows of all sorts, I found one this Spring I instantly related to.  While I solely watched HGTV, my husband and I stumbled across DIY Network’s Stone House Revival.  Every morning after the kids got on the bus, I would turn it on and enjoy a cup of coffee catching up on past seasons I had missed.  If you’re not familiar with the show, Jeff Devlin, host, and his team of talented craft restore (key word) homes that existed before our country was even established. They make things by hand when necessary and uncover elements in the homes that are one-of-a kind.  The best part of this show, in my opinion, is as a viewer you can tell how Jeff and his team genuinely care and respect the historic homes they help restore.

Not everyone “gets” old homes and I can appreciate that. But there is a special cohort that do.  You can find us on Instagram capturing DIY projects, discoveries, mishaps, and sunsets that remind us why we’ve invested not only our money but endless amounts of time into these homes of ours. We’re the type of people that get excited about the uniqueness of 200+ year old hard wood floors that are wider than your foot, the hand crafted hinges and door handles, and the detailed trim in every room.

We get awestruck by the thought of  all the hard work these early settlers put into these grand houses that have stood the test of time.  Our old homes aren’t always pretty at times and leave us sleepless some nights, but we know what we are doing is important because we are preserving the past. Something that will never be able to be recreated.  So to find a show that reached us in a way no other show could, my husband and I were thrilled. We’ve got a pocket full of take-a-aways which we wouldn’t otherwise have and will be helpful in restoring our home appropriately.

Unfortunately, the DIY Network has canceled Stone House Revival. I’d love to know why because so many viewers are upset to lose such a unique show. There is nothing out there like Stone House Revival which is why we fell in love with the show. Stone House Revival is the only reason we started watching the DIY Network.  This show and its amazing craft deserve another season.

It’s my hope that Stone House Revival will get picked up by another network who will appreciate the authenticity that Jeff Devlin and his fellow craft provide for homeowners who want to restore and preserve homes that can only continue to exist with skill they have and share with others, something viewers were learning from.  They are a rarity in this manufactured society and it’s truly a shame the DIY Network has chosen to eliminate Stone House Revival. I hope you’ll look Jeff up (links below) and watch his work while reruns are still on.  And if your’re already a fan like us, share my post and tag #diynetwork and #stonehouserevival so they know how much Jeff and his craft will be missed!

All the best to Jeff Devlin and all of those he works closely with. We know you will continue to care for the history that is in your area. I hope we will see you again on TV soon!



We’re Fans and Think You Should be Too!

Find Jeff on Instagram and on Facebook and be sure to visit his School House Woodworking site (see our cool hats above-see how Jeff gives back with each hat sold on his site).

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