When God Interrupts.

If someone would have told me last summer that we would be living in a farmhouse in the country a year from now, I would have said there was no way. Seriously though, moving in the middle of the school year, with a baby, and having to pack up our home at the holidays AND in the winter? Definitely not! Until one day just that happened.

My husband and I had spent weekends and long drives dreaming about how neat it would be to one day have some land to roam, grow a larger garden, and have water near where our family could fish and just relax more easily after a hard days work or on a weekend without having to go anywhere.I remember the day I sat quietly in the rocking chair holding our baby and scrolling through listings just for the fun of it. I found, what is now our home, a red brick farmhouse with a front porch, a pond, barn, and large garage. Things we said we would like to have if we ever going to consider moving again.

Flash forward and here we are on a Sunday afternoon. No longer dreaming of sitting on that front porch but actually doing it. I’ve been basking in our most recent memories made yesterday with the descendants of the couple, John and Sarah Wehr, who built this amazing home. Meeting the Wehrs and seeing the generations pass through the front door their ancestors once did, continues to give me 🦋 🦋.

The conversations with the family members who actually spent time in the home when they were younger are ones I’ll treasure forever. I love how God interrupted our life in suburbia to open a door to so many unexpected things. While the surprises are not always as fun, we find it a privilege to restore and preserve the Wehr Family Homestead. ❤️

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