Snowy day at the Farm

Another ❄️ day! With having just moved in, it’s really easy to stay inside and work, but keeping in mind that there is more work than what can get done in a day, I told the kids to throw their ❄️ gear and to head outside and enjoy the winter weather.

We got a little shoveling done (we have to make sure Amazon has a clear path 😆), ventured out to see the pond, found one of the original windows from the house out in the barn (yes,I’ll be cleaning it up to decorate with!), and we helped a bird that was caught in the screened in porch.

Snowballs were thrown, smiles were big, and a little outdoor work was completed. The fresh air was needed as well as the peacefulness of the snow falling.

It’s so easy to get caught up in our to-dos…be sure to enjoy rare moments like a snowy day💜

xo danielle

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