Federal Fixer+Upper

We’re headed in to town (more on that in a second) and thought I should write while I have service. If you ever wonder why you haven’t got a text back right away I can honestly say I haven’t been ignoring you-promise. We will have a house phone soon😉

I think I mentioned (☝🏼) by the title above that we bought a fixer+upper and so our trips to the hardware store have begun-and not for little things 🤪. Our priorities kinda changed this morning from putting our bedroom together to shopping for an entire kitchen package, bathroom package and things in between. I think demoday is on the horizon. Oh and none of things can really be installed until we really tear some things up.

The kiddos learned how good cold pizza is last night. We tried to warm some pizza in the microwave and let’s just say there were sparks a flying… the night before we found a puddle in the kitchen😬. Things we knew would need done, a little sooner than expected.

While some may totally have a freak out over all of this, we’re handling it in stride. The kids are are really having fun, they love their imperfect but perfect cozy bedroom and I love how they don’t “expect” fancy. They’re excited to be a part of fixing up our new old home. So my hopes of good quality family time and lessons in how to fix things have already begun….so while it’s a big ol’ mess right now, it is our dream come true (I know we’re crazy 🤪).

We’re at Lowe’s!

Let the fun begin!



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