Are you PRESENT this Christmas?

Hi guys! Before this week…ugh, I hate admitting this… I wasn’t really feeling Christmas. We’ve got a lot swirling around and for some reason I just wasn’t in the mindset this year…which I completely hate.  In effort to pause and really focus on the reason for the season, I decided to close my Etsy shop for the holidays with my family and friends as well as stop packing for our big move next year.

I have to say, so far I’ve stuck with my promise..I’ve been  focused on the kiddos and we have done fun things like make and deliver reindeer food to our neighbors,  take a drive to look at Christmas lights complete with a peppermint milkshake from Chick-fil-a, and we did some homemade ornament making and baking.  I can’t tell you how nice it has been to mentally put everything else on hold to really enjoy this time.

Have you been present or have you been trying to find a way to connect and enjoy the season? Below are some ways you can get in spirit of Christmas-yes, even when it’s TWO days away! 

Right now I’m in the middle of breaking out those boxes of hidden gifts and I’m going to



get them under the tree ready! I wanted to share with you these adorable tags I have been using since the twins were born. They are just precious and the detail just makes them realistic and certainly convincing that the gifts are in fact from the North Pole.


Having fun and making memories DOESN’T have to cost a dime!  Take a drive to look at Christmas lights in neighborhoods around you. If there is a downtown near you-small or large- you’re sure to get a glimpse of some beautiful window displays and lights through the city.

At a meal time when you’re altogether,  ask a question about the season and have everyone share their answer. Questions like, if you were Santa what would you travel in. What is your favorite Christmas song? What is your favorite Christmas movie? If you could only get one gift this year, what would it be? If you were an elf where would you work in Santa’s shop?  What is your favorite Christmas past time? What is a symbol or word that reminds you of Christmas? What is your favorite Christmas cookie or treat?

I’m sure you get the idea…

Want to make a last minute gift that will be loved? Handmade ornaments are always a treasured piece by family and friends. You can grab a box of candy canes,

wiggly eyes and pipe cleaners to make that classic reindeer, break out some simple ingredients you likely have in your pantry to make homemade hand print ornaments.     While you certainly can, but probably don’t have time for running to the store to buy supplies just start looking at things you have around your home-you’ll be surprised what kind of gems you can make out of things that are buried in that junk drawer or space where you keep all the kids art and drawing things.

Have you had the chance to bake? I found a great recipe that was approved by 20 some kindergartners this week…and that’s saying

Basic Sugar Cookie Dough 222wm

Get Katrina’s Recipe HERE!

something!  With having a little one, I have to make the most of nap time and I didn’t have time to deal with dough that needed to chill. Here is a fantastic recipe for some delicious sugar cookies that are perfect for throwing a little icing on (Pillsbury has red and green already mixed for you at the store along with sprinkles attached to the lid!) and sharing with your family and friends.


When it comes down to it,  keep things simple. Conversations around this special time of year can be the best way to get into the spirit of Christmas.  There is no need to stress yourself out with buying this or buying that or trying to make Christmas just like that Hallmark movie (oh to live in a Hallmark Christmas world…).  All we need to be is PRESENT and everything else will fall into place.  Now hit the pause button on all the things that can wait for the next 72 hours and just enjoy the spirit of Christmas!

Merriest Wishes to you!



P.S. As a former kindergarten teacher, please do a snow dance for me-if ya know one! We’re hoping for snow here in Ohio on Christmas! Maybe this Christmas will be like those Hallmark movies after all 😉


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