Pregnancy isn’t just 9 months.

Today I find myself sitting idle with Parker. I’m putting some serious miles in on my rocker. I took him late last night to the doctors and a good thing I did because this little guy had the start of two ear infections and pinkeye. Top it offwith his 8th(!!) tooth coming in and now this picture makes total sense…he just needs some TLC.

During a good hour or two of moments like these I find myself warding off that little voice in my head telling me I’m not enough as a Mom and wife…and that same voice then points out the imperfections that still exist after giving birth pregnancy 10 months ago but you know I remind myself of how technically, over the past 10 months, I’ve still been the sole provider for growing our sweet baby boy and that’s nothing to bat an eye at.

Moms need to know the birth of their baby doesn’t mean they are finished growing a healthy baby. If anything it gets to be more mentally, emotionally, and physically challenging because it’s not just happening like when our child is in the womb. And have you realized we still have to take our babe in for the first year for several appointments to make sure they’re healthy and on track with development-no different from when your pregnant. So while society tells us Moms that we need to be doing more remind yourself that caring for your little one socially, emotionally, and physically is one heck of a task in their first year after birth. There should be no shame in being amazingly good at one of the most important things in life right now.

Xo Danielle 💜

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