Our Next Crazy Adventure

If you know my husband and I personally, you know we’re pretty straight laced but if you’re one of our closest friends you would know how laid back we can be and that both my husband and I like to dream. While my husband is less likely to act on his dreams, I’m the one who typically ventures out to try new things and often times tries to nudge my hubby down some crazy road.

Typically my hubby is pretty good at saying “no” and telling me how crazy some of my wildest dreams are, but recently we both decided to take a jump into our latest adventure and while we’re a little bit nervous, we’re totally excited to take our family on a wild ride none of us will forget.

How often do you sit around dreaming about how neat it would be to do something or do you ever say “when the kids are older” or “when we retire..” My hubby is always mentioning wanting to have land and a pond. My dream has been to get away to some peace and to have an old home like I grew up in -even though I swore to my mother I would NEVER live in an old Farm house.

Now that I stay home, I’ve gained perspective on how quickly time is flying and how much time is spent on things that I wish could be replaced with more meaningful moments. I spent the summer looking for a home where maybe we could fulfill both my dream and my hubby’s. When the summer came to an end, I vowed to end the hunt. But one day, just a few weeks ago, I just so happened to feel the urge to look to see what was out there on the Market.

To my surprise a property popped up, it needs a little TLC, but it was literally everything my hubby and I have spent endless weekends dreaming about. I called Aaron to talk to him about the property and the next day we went to see it in person. Things quickly snowballed into making an offer and now we have not only signed a contract to buy, but we’ve also sold our home. All credit going to the big guy in the sky because literally the craziest things have come of it-like we know the kiddos teacher they will have when they transfer and we just so happen to know who is buying our home! In addition to this, we’ve learned that three of our friends live only minutes away from us-out in the middle of no where none the less! All by chance-maybe, but I think God has had his hand on this for some time now.

My reason for sharing this is really quiet simple. If you have dreams you spend time thinking about, I encourage you to look closer at those dreams and see if maybe it’s something you shouldn’t wait on. Maybe now is the time to start living those dreams. As my dad has always said, ” Don’t wish you would have.” We have this one life to live and we all get to make our own choices in the path that we take. Take a path that will fulfill the dream you’ve always had. Don’t wait for it to just happen to you…

Come this January, our family life in suburbia will end and we are moving out to the country onto a little farm (no animals yet 😉). Yes it will be a complete 360 for us. But the need for us to get back to the basics in life and to raise our children in a home that is centered around hard work and family time is something we are really looking forward to. We’re striving to live with less physical “stuff” so that we can have more of the memorable moments as well as time to do the things we love.

My hope is that while it’s a little ways out, that we can have a home that our family and friends will come to get away from the noise and just have some quiet time to themselves fishing or some quality family time along with us. We hope we can provide a place of solace, that we have personally been searching for.

What’s your craziest dream or adventure you’d like to take? What can you do to make it happen?

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