Does anyone else feel like everything is argued these days? I’m in the process of making a schedule for myself for work and family so that I’m not of my phone as often for work/family. It seems like every time I go to post something from my Etsy shop, I end up seeing the latest complaints on social media and I waste my time on reading it. I’m sure you all have heard or read all the horror stories of family’s flying and having big issues. I too have watched the videos and read the stories and those situations do leave you shaking your head and make you question flying. But like anything, there are plenty of good things that could be shared about flight experiences-we just rarely hear about them.

This past weekend I had the opportunity to get away to see my friend from college. I had never flown before alone, let alone with a baby.  I learned a few things as I planned my trip from start to finish. My first lesson- book quickly because those non-stop flights fill up fast. Which is why I ended up heading to Chicago before arriving to Georgia-certainly not ideal when you haven’t traveled alone and with a baby.  My flights there were fine, nothing totally outstanding but nothing bad at all, but my experience with Delta is where I learned my biggest lesson of all-Shop Delta first.

As a mom trying traveling alone with her babe, in the huge Atlanta Airport, I have to admit I was left trying to convince myself I knew exactly what I was doing when in reality, I had no clue. I knew when I arrived I would need to have someone print my boarding pass. I looked for the first Delta employee I could find to help show me the way and that is where my experience with flying changed. Every employee I came in contact with, which were many, were polite, professional, and went out of their way to insure I was taken care of. I can’t stress to you how far above and beyond they went for Parker and I.

I arrived a little overwhelmed to the Delta employees during shift change but they didn’t miss a beat. They held items for me while I juggled my gate check bag for Parker’s car seat, wheeled my luggage to the counter for me, gave me a direct path to the counter so I didn’t have to weave in and out of where you typically wait.  They were thoughtful and genuine and gave me the biggest sigh of relief before heading off to find my gate.

When I arrived at my gate, I made sure to get a tag for my stroller so I wouldn’t slow down boarding later. I was greeted by a very friendly Delta employee who later made sure Parker and I were last to get on so that Parker could have as little time as possible sitting on the plane. While we waited by a window, workers down below by the plane waived to Parker and exchanged the biggest smiles with one another.


When Parker and I boarded we found our seat and took off. During the flight, Parker was presented by a stewardess, named Tara, with his very own wings and she made sure throughout the flight that Parker and I had everything we needed without ever making us feel like we were putting her out. Close to the end of our flight Parker wasn’t having it anymore. He tossed his toy to the aisle and another steward picked it up for us and offered a wipe packet to sanitize it. Granted I had them in my bag,  he saved me from having to dig around in my diaper bag that was in the dark with a squirmy baby on my lap. Again, another example of the thoughtfulness and care we received from Delta.

In a world that is becoming less face-to-face with customers, and so heavily focused on the negative, I have to say Delta exceeded my expectations and squashed any fears I had of traveling alone or with my family on a plane. My only regret from flying with Delta, is that I didn’t take note of all the names of the people who gave us exceptional care and an outstanding experience so that I could somehow let Delta know of how wonderful they were. I hope that any of you who will be traveling in the future will look to Delta first-you won’t regret it.



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