Mr. Rogers, Look for the helpers.

Look For the Helpers

Look for the helpers:

Hardly an Expert

I’m not sure about you, but having been a parent for now five years, I still don’t feel like an expert of any kind. Having our third child this year, I’m still relearning and trying out new ways and I have a feeling that many experienced parents may agree that there is plenty of learning to do along the way.

Having Landen and Caroline in kindergarten this year, I wasn’t sure what they may come home knowing about the events in Las Vegas. I wasn’t sure if they would catch wind of it in the lunch room or on the school bus in the afternoon.  They have yet to mention it and I hope to goodness their little minds won’t be clouded just yet with fear of the world. Today I turned onJimmy Kimmelbecause I had heard he had an emotional monologue that he shared with everyone in regards to Vegas.

He began his show with the Mr. Rogers clip about looking for the helpers and I don’t know what it was about it, but I found comfort in it as a parent. Fred Rogers gave a very true but simple explanation about some of the people who live in this world and even though the reality of the conversation was unpleasant, it left you feeling safe and at ease but I think many people are looking for that at this time.

If you are only familiar with Fred Roger’s quote, ” look for the helpers,” watch the video by clicking here. I would be curious to see how you feel about what he has to say, whether you are a parent or not.  Feel free to share with others who may find this reminder helpful.



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