Tired as a Mother

Have you ever been a mombie? I’m there. I’m experiencing moments of pure exhaustion and second, third, and fourth winds. I’ve lost track of time and you better believe I’m still in my PJs I was in this morning. Like many of you have experienced, I’ve been up for days. I have lost track of how many days at this point. My nights have consisted of cat naps, feedings, and consoling.

I write to you in my rocking chair that has become my saving grace to both me and my teething baby boy. While I’d love to pass him off to his comfy bed (again) so I could catch some zzzzz’s I know he’ll just refuse it. He wants me and only me, cuddled in his blanket and rocking back and forth.

I’m thankful I took that shower last night that I didn’t think I had the energy for, I’m glad I snagged that snack earlier,because these hunger pains would be worse. But while in this delirium I remind myself that while these days that feel long they will be distant memories soon.

While I continued this marathon of sleepless nights last night, I saw the first reports out of Las Vegas early this morning. At that time there were 2 people who had been killed and 50 injured. By the time I woke, the number had skyrocketed. The images of pain and suffering, the thought of getting that bad news as a parent has just loop through my mind. It makes the moment I’m living in feel safe and desirable. It’s where any parent of a victim of the Las Vegas shooting would wish to be at this point in time.

To those parents who have lost their children in Las Vegas, you may not be able to see us all, but please know America is wrapping its arms around you today and in days to come.

For the fellow mombies about there, keep your chin up, don’t be afraid to ask for help,!and catch some Zzzz when you can-everything else can wait.



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