Life’s Messy

Whew, it’s Sunday night. Do you ever feel like you just made it to the finish line? Like literally, we have about 8 hours between now and Monday’s to-do-list. It feels good to breathe but at the same time you know Monday’s to-do-list is just awaiting.

Do you ever reflect on your time spent during the weekend? I’m starting to find that I have to be somewhat careful and cognizant of how time is spent because Sunday night comes soon and the time is…well gone.

Being a stay-at-home mom, I’ve had the opportunity to set our family on a path of togetherness. Before when my husband and I both worked we literally were a well oiled machine. We did what we did to check mark all the boxes, make sure we had groceries, tag teamed laundry, and cleaned the house…and then we started the work week all over.

It was our way of life, but not the life we wished for…which is why we decided to make a change and we continually re-evaluate how we’re spending our time together. I guess you can say we’re some what protective of our time together now since we know our time together is limited.

So the kids and I run like crazy during the week while Aaron, my hubby, travels, and works long hours (I’m sure this sounds familiar to many of you). While I used to fuss over the early mornings and late nights, I have accepted it but with that comes family time when we can get it on the weekend.

I have to say that when the weekend ends now, we have no regrets. We look back and now recall hysterical moments we had with the kids, we are happy of the time spent watching the kids make memories with their friends in the neighborhood, and we are left on Sunday night with a feeling like we didn’t miss a moment.

So while we may not be over scheduling ourselves on the weekend and just running ourselves ragged like many people do, we’re doing what’s right for us and our children and at the end of the day I’ll never apologize for it. I’ll never apologize for choosing to do things that made us closer as a family, or for enjoying the long afternoons dreaming and chatting about school and friends.

Are you over scheduled? Have you tried to slow down and start saying no to things that really aren’t that important in the grand scene of things? I feel like somewhere in our busy parent lives there is always room for improvement-if you’d like it…

At the end of the day, life can be messy…but keep in mind you have control of your mess.



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