The World Needs More Chip and Jo

It’s been about a week since my husband and I returned from celebrating our 10 year anniversary.  Never did we think we would spend it in Austin,TX but I can tell you this…we’re SO glad we did.

I’m leaning through life that plans are nice and all, but at the end of the day, we only have so much control over the life we live. I’m convinced that if I listen real close, God will share a life with me that I could never dream of…and our anniversary trip is proof of that.


So I’ll be honest, I wanted Waco and Aaron wanted Wine and to our surprises we could have both. Did you know that Texas is a phenomenal place to visit if you want to try some amazing wine? We visited Grape Creek ( I can’t wait for my first shipment in October to come!), Lost Draw (They have a “Pour it Forward” board-loved it!), 1851 (greeted by the owner himself and waited on by his daughter-loved them!), and Salt Lick. You couldn’t ask for better hospitality, amazing wine, and wonderful company by those who work, live, and play around all things wine.

But before heading to Fredericksburg for a tour around their wine country, we spent  Friday touring around Waco and the cities around it. Y’all know I love Fixer-Upper and  admire Chip and Jo. Having the opportunity to visit what they have worked hard to accomplish was enlightening and refreshing. When you visit the Magnolia website and you read about visiting and how to make it an enjoyable experience they mention to feel free to chat with the staff and share your story. I really had a hard time believing that with a store literally filled like a bee hive that any employee would take any interest in another Fixer-Upper fan-I was wrong.

Just because there was a long line of people behind Aaron and I, it didn’t stop those behind the counter from engaging in meaningful conversation and they were just the most genuine too. Did you know on each staff member’s name tag it lists where they are from. Talk about a fun way to start conversation and a fun way to see where all those awesome Baylor students are from 😉 It was refreshing to see in action a store filled with hundreds of shoppers but not once did I feel like I was just another person there. They were attentive, helpful, and just happy.  The Magnolia empire may be just that-an empire, but Chip and Jo have stayed true to the values and life-style which we’re all familiar with from watching weekly on HGTV.

I love where we live, but I sometimes feel we move at a quicker rate…a rate that keeps us from getting to know others, from learning more about those who live in and around us. It’s amazing how a community you don’t even live in can make you feel at home and welcomed. It has an effect on your happiness in that moment and really has a positive chain reaction. I was honestly sad to leave Texas because the people from the airport, to Waco, out to Fredericksburg, and Austin went out of their way on several occasions to make sure we experienced what Texas is all about.

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Do you ever catch yourself just hurried and passing by those around you? Do you ever find moments when you’ve slowed down and you’ve taken the time to engage in conversation with someone at the coffee shop, hardware store, or grocery? How do those moments differ from those rushed moments? What lasting moments and memories are made?

There is so much more to share about Texas with you and I can’t wait to write about IMG_6355them soon (Like Homestead!!)! In the mean time, you’ve got to grab The Magnolia Journal that just came out this month! You’re not only getting design inspiration but also inspiration for your life. Don’t miss it!



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