Liquid Gold & How I Saved it!

I’m not sure about you, but I am sometimes surprised at what kind of parent I have evolved into.  My type A personality had me, as well as I’m sure others, thinking I would be super particular about my children and a helicopter momma all around. I think being an educator before having children has allowed for me to take a more laid back approach. I saw first hand for a few years various parenting styles and it allowed for me to blend what I saw together into how I parent now.

Nursing. I have to admit, I have nursed all of my kiddos because it’s free food, easier, and because they say it’s not a bad thing for your babe. To be honest I hate pumping and find hooking up to that thing to be one of the most annoying things about being a nursing mom, however, this past week I found that darn pump to be a valuable tool that allowed me to spend time away with my hubby (ALONE) but I was also able to continue my commitment to nursing Parker thanks to Milk Stork.

10 years ago when my husband, Aaron, and I got married, we thought we would be celebrating our 10 year anniversary in Hawaii. Well, after deciding to bring another sweet babe into the world, we decided we would scale back and stay on the main land just in case we needed to be home quickly. So after some deliberating back and forth (more on that in another post) we chose to visit Austin, Texas.

Originally, I thought I would just pump and dump since I had such a good stash at home, but as our trip neared, I was starting to feel unsettled over dumping liquid gold. That’s when we stumbled upon Milk Stork. Now, I have to say this. The kit plus overnight


Staying committed to pumping…just hanging out in the airport bathroom and visiting with those around me while doing it 🙂

shipping is costly, BUT for us, the peace of mind and it being a big anniversary, we said to heck with it and we dropped the dough. I have to say I’m glad I did because it was SO easy having it shipped home. There is a carry on version that is cheaper (see pricing here) but I didn’t want to have to deal with the hassel with TSA-you just never know with them and I didn’t want to risk that and disturbing a trip that was honestly more important than the cost of shipping milk!

If you’re a mom who travels for work (and just so you know companies are letting their employees expense their kit!) or a mom that just likes to travel you MUST check out Milk Stork.

The website is SUPER easy and ordering is seamless! I had a notification of when my kit was sent to our hotel and when it arrived. The concierge brought it up to our room and it had everything I needed to pack my milk in. On the day we left, I watched the quick packing video (I’m a visual learner) and it was ready to go within minutes. When I found out that Fedex doesn’t pick-up or deliver on Sundays, I was a little nervous because that was when our flight was leaving. But it wasn’t a big deal because the refrigeration for in the cooler lasts for up to 72 hours and the concierge made sure it went out on Monday for me. I’m happy to write that it just showed up at my door, like the email notification said it would, by 10:30 this morning. I opened the cooler and everything was nice an cold and I have to say I’m still happy I spent the money on something I invested a lot of time into on our trip.

Have you tried Milk Stork? What did you think? Make sure you share this post with fellow Momma’s and Momma’s to be! They will thank you for it!





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