Summer Style Made Easy

by: Ashley Davis, Bella’s Basket Owner

Do you ever spend countless hours staring into your closet and thinking, “I have nothing to wear?” or flipping through fashion magazines and thinking wow if only I had the budget of a celebrity I could afford these awesome clothes??  I know I have several times!  But I’m here to help you find the latest & greatest style trends without breaking the bank – and you’ll spend less time trying to decide what to wear and more time doing what you enjoy.  Danielle has asked me to show you what is hot this summer to make shopping as easy as possible so I’ll be showing you the hottest products from my online boutique.  Shopping is so simple – you can do it from your couch!  And checkout how awesome she is at modeling!

Anything off the shoulder is so hot right now!  Check out these great options (click title for direct link to site):

The Savannah Floral Off Shoulder Blouse 


The Midnight Garden Blouse


Tye Dye Cold Shoulder Top

Tye Dye is also so popular right now!  Along with criss-cross necklines! This awesome top combines tye dye, cold shoulder, and a fun neckline for the ultimate look!








Graphic Tees are super popular right now – with fun sayings and easy to dress up or down you need a few of these in your closet!

The Breeze Me Kimono in Tye Dye









Ohio Girl Tee 


Mommy on the Streets


Be Pretty Tee 


Chip & Jo  because obviously this is so true!!


And don’t forget florals are always popular & so easy to wear!

Midnight Floral Top 


And Lastly – pair your favorite graphic tee under a print kimono for a super cute, easy, trendy look!

Life is Short Tee + Floral Mint Kimono Tee – 


So check out these items for effortless style this summer!  They’re so easy to pair with your favorite jeans, shorts, capris, or leggings and you’ll be out the door looking fabulous in no time!




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