Finding YOU and Finding Your Tribe

I’m not sure about you, but I was the kid growing up that followed the “plan” put forth by society…you know, get good grades, go to college, and find a respectable job. I did just that. Early on when I was in about first grade I knew for sure I would be a teacher. I specifically wanted to be a kindergarten teacher. So with that goal in mind I spent the rest of my time in school working towards that goal and lucky for me I found a teaching job here in town.  I had interviewed for first grade and when it came to sign my contract, I was signing for that dream position. KINDERGARTENšŸ˜Š

After landing my dream job I thought that was it. But over time, things began to change within me. I taught for 8 years and at the end of the 8 years I started to have this itch that was telling me I had a bigger purpose…with the life events we had had, I was slowly starting to see the work of God in my life start to take shape. Looking back now I see the little bread crumb trail of events that occurred  for a reason, people I met who have enriched my path in both big and small ways, and experiences that have led me to who I am today. 

At 31 years old, I feel as if God is really starting to move in my life. While our pregnancy experiences and deliveries weren’t picture perfect, so much more has come from those experiences that have literally been a springboard into finding my purpose in life…my mission…the March of Dimes continues to grow in and around our family-it’s our family’s philanthropy, CLIFTON+PARK continually blesses me through the people and stories that are shared when we talk about designing their special piece. This big world that we live in has become a little smaller lately by making connections across the country. 

I feel as though I’m beginning to find my tribe after years of trying to transition between high school friends, college friends, and co-workers. Those who are meant to be in my life are there for myself and my family. They are the ones who know the dreamer that I am and support my mission to help others. They cover for me when I need it most and come around when they just want to be in the presence of our full house. This tribeof mine is made of family, friends who have become our family, and people I continue to meet along the way in what has now become a purpose driven life. 

While my journey is still beginning I find excitement in it. Excitement to see what God has in store for me. I look forward to seeing how he’s going to use me next in effort to fill my purpose here on earth…it’s honestly thrilling. 

I’m here to give, I’m here to share, I’m here on earth to support…What’s your purpose? Have you found your tribe? 


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