Community Partnerships Create Outstanding Safety Town!

Ever since I learned about our city starting their own safety town my kiddos, and myself, have been really excited about their week of learning!  Now that I stay at home I really enjoy getting to meet people in our community, support the local shops, and participate in community events. I enjoy feeling more connected to those that live, work, and play in Monroe.

This was the first week of Monroe’s Safety Town and my kiddos participated in the pilot program. Landen and Caroline both slept in their clothes (socks included) for their first big day because they wanted to be ready-talk about excited! As soon as we hit the door at the school, we were all in awe of the Safety Town set up. Amazing buildings constructed, flashing lights, stop signs, crosswalks and sidewalks/roads that complete it. If the set up wasn’t enough, the pedal cars were lined up with shiny new graphics which were an instant drawl for both Landen and Caroline.  The community support and effort truly showed!


Landen and Caroline learned about so much through the best way possible-concrete experiences. While there was classroom instruction, the children took what they learned for the day and then applied it to when they were driving or  when actually riding on a bus to the fire station.  They even had the opportunity to ride on a small train and learned about train safety.

Every day at pick-up, I could tell

IMG_4351how much fun Landen and Caroline had. They were excited to share what they had done in the morning with Officer King and Officer Jackson and were excited every day to return. I must say, on graduation day, I was extremely impressed at how a group of young children motored around the town so perfectly. They watched the lights carefully, stayed in their lanes (for the most part), and left room between their cars when coming to a red light. Now, I did find out during graduation that earlier that morning Caroline had T-boned Officer King (I knew it was her when he mentioned it-crazy girl)…so I’m thinking she’s going to need a little extra in car practice when she’s really ready to hit the road in 11 years.

IMG_4391If you’re local, you have to get signed up for this amazing program. There is still room for your child, so give Officer King a call (513-539-9234) and make sure your kindergartner doesn’t miss this opportunity to learn and make friends with two of Monroe’s friendliest and fun police officers! You’ll be happy you did!





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