A small Cincinnati startup is impacting families across the world with their suite of apps designed to bring sanity to family.


By: Erin Macdonald

FamilyTech is a team committed to making chores less of a battle in every home. Parents everywhere can attest to the begging, bribing, and (sometimes) threatening nature that household chores bring to everyday life. Kids don’t want to do them. Parents don’t want to feel like maids. There has to be a compromise somewhere.

But, how could apps be the answer to getting kids motivated to do chores? How could apps make it easier on parents and take away that constant battle? It’s simple. The premise behind FamilyTech apps is the gamification of these chores; turning taking out the trash into a game to earn points that can be redeemed for stuff kids really want.

ChoreMonster_logoChoreMonster is the app designed for kids 4-12 years old. It’s tagline is, “Your kids will beg to do their chores.” But, really? Yes! Kids everywhere have been using ChoreMonster to complete chores since 2012. The system works. Parents login through an app called Mothershp (more on Mothershp later) where they can set up a list of tasks to be completed daily, weekly, monthly, or whenever it needs to be done. They assign a point value to each chore and determine what rewards their kids can have for finishing them. Then, kids see what needs to be done and when, how many points they’ll receive for doing the chore, and what reward they can get for collecting the points.

For example: Putting away the clean dishes can earn kids 100 points, cleaning their room is worth 150, and feeding the dog each day is worth 25 points. At the end of the week, kids could have 275 points that can earn them an extra hour of screen time before bed on Friday night! Kids also earn tickets for each chore completed which can be used towards fun digital monsters, a spin at the wheel of the Monster Carnival, or to unlock exclusive Monster Short videos.

landra_logo_detail-primary-lockupAnother FamilyTech app is designed specifically for teenagers, with the same ideas as ChoreMonster. Their app Landra gives teens a bit more control over their task lists and rewards though. They can suggest the rewards they want to parents and even bargain for the reward by offering chores they’ll complete in order to get what they really want. Just like before, parents login through Mothershp and set tasks, rewards, and approve or decline suggestions from their teenager.

Consider this: Your teenager wants to go to a party on Saturday night but you want them to earn the right to go. They can request the party as a reward in Landra but Mom sets the point value high. In order to receive this reward, the teen must complete their typical tasks of laundry, trash, dog walking, and homework, but now there’s just a bit more to do. Mom adds bathroom scrubbing, finishing Monday’s homework early, and visiting Grandpa to the list of tasks to complete in order to have enough points to go to the party.

Mothershp is the place where parents thrive in the world of kids and chores. It allows 


parents to manage both chore lists, whether their child is in ChoreMonster or Landra. It puts them in charge, allows them to see progress, and even gives them a chance to communicate with their kids in a way that kids completely understand: digitally! FamilyTech gives kids a chance to be on their devices but to also be purpose-driven in their usage. FamilyTech also gives parents and couples a whole new way to communicate.


Honey-do lists have been around since people started cohabiting but there’s never been anything quite like FamilyTech’s newest app, HoneyDo. Just like it’s app predecessors, HoneyDo gamifies household chores but puts a mature spin on the suggested rewards. Now, couples can negotiate for things they really want, like whose turn it is to pick the next Netflix series, or getting some much needed time alone for a spa day or boys night out. It also ventures into the realm of getting to do some things behind closed doors for completing more work around the house. With the HoneyDo app, honey-do lists are fun and worth getting on hands and knees to scrub the floor!

So, whether you’re looking for a way to inspire kids to get involved with household chores, or hoping to spark some fun into your relationship, FamilyTech has the perfect app for you.


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