Waco & Wine!

If you know me, you know I’m a “Fixer-Upper” LOVER. I’m crazy about the show, products, and how down to earth Chip & Jo are!  There is something about their story that is fairytale like-minus the evil step sister. So when my husband agreed to head to Texas for our anniversary, I filled with absolute excitement!

For the past eight years or so, my husband and I always said for our 10 year anniversary we’d head to Hawaii. We’d love to hike there, see the beautiful water first hand, and really see what all the fuss is about. Okay, if I’m really honest, part of me hoped to see McGarrett and Dano from Hawaii-five-o😊. Since deciding to bring baby Parker into the world (knowing then Hawaii wouldn’t happen), we decided it was best to take a shorter trip for our anniversary-which has worked out, in my opinion, just fine! 

In order for us to both get what we want (Waco & Wine) we decided to stay in Austin and travel to Waco and to some wineries from there. If you have been to any of those areas, we’d love some travel suggestions. I pretty much just have Jo’s cupcakes on my mind! 



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