CLIFTON+PARK Across the States

Do you ever stop and look back and assess how you got to where you are today? Sometimes it can be really fun to think back and see how both small and large events/choices shaped where you are today. Looking back isn’t always easy, joy can be accompanied by stress, pain, disappointment, lonilness and just a feeling of brokenness. 

I recently started thinking back over the last six years. I connected the trail of memories, both joyful and scary, and I realized how if I had not have had those experiences, I wouldn’t be doing what I am today. 

Clifton+Park was started with a small amount of money and a whole lot of hope in effort to give the NICU parents at our local hospital, Good Sam, small commemorative hand stamped gifts. Since beginning C+P back in March, I have been working on three large projects for Good Sam’s NICU as well as  St.Johns Children’s Hospital in Springfield, Illinois. 

 With only being a few months in with the Clifton+Park project, I never thought I would be receiving emails and messages from people sharing events in their life that have changed who they are and how they have shaped who they are today. Items have been made celebrating births, people, anniversaries, defeating an illness, and journeys that have been taken. I have loved chatting with people who live in different time zones through text or email and meeting with local people whom I would have never had the opportunity to meet with otherwise.  

While lately I’ve  been busy with being a momma and a part time memory stamper, I decided it would be fun to have a visual of where C+P has traveled to. Then I got to thinking, “Wouldn’t it be fun to try and see if C+P could make it to all 50 states?” So as I receive special orders I’ll be marking off the states they’re headed to and share😉 So far C+P is in 7 states😃 

I’m so thankful for all of the special orders that continue to come in. Thank you for letting me be apart of commemorating a time/person/event in your life and even more so, thank you for helping keep the Clifton+Park NICU Project going! 

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