Simplicity in the Garden 

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been putting off planting our vegetable garden until after Mother’s Day and with the pop up storms rolling in, I decided today would be a great motivator to work quickly and get it done. Plus free water is always a plus! 

We plant a garden every year and I was reminded today of how it’s not really a quick thing to do. Before children, I enjoyed  planting the garden but it’s not nearly as fun as doing it with Landen, Caroline, and Parker (he was our project manager). We really had a huge task at hand clearing out weeds and it was tiedeous, but the conversation around the garden was filled with inquiries, exploration, and playing with lots of bugs. 

We had a ton of fun moments…a huge toad scared us as we were walking in for a water break, the kids cheered me on as I ran the tiller through the dirt, and picking out the plants at the store and planting them each with care made for a fun family day. 

I taught Landen and Caroline how to take each plant out of its container and as they planted, Caroline said, “I don’t need my gloves. They’re just in my way.” I loved how she wasn’t afraid to get dirty. But what I loved even more was how they were so willing to work on such a big project and they were fully invested. Not once did they ask to go inside-even when it started to get warm and I felt like I was dying of the heat. 

Having the change in pace  was refreshing today. I always feel like the week is filled with such a long to-do-list(of the same ol’ things) that doesn’t always include a project like today’s where your still accomplishing something but it’s a break from the typical tasks that need to be done.

We hope you have some time this weekend with your families enjoying the weather, unplugging, and just taking it easy. 


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