PSA: Shorts (yes this is important!) 

Shorts. You either love them or hate them. I,     hate them. I don’t like things that cling…I hate being hot…so therefore I just hate shorts. 

Apparently Ohio has decided to go from fall (did we have a winter?!) straight to the dead of heat. So while I’ll tolerate jeans these days, I can’t tolerate the heat and jeans…so today I ventured out for shorts. 

So here is the deal. I could probably squeeze back into my shorts, but I don’t like the way they feel (teacher friends-must be a sensory issue or something). I’m not the type that will be uncomfortable just to say I fit in a size…i just have to be comfortable. I took Parker with me to Old Navy and as I always do, I get two sizes in everything, close my eyes, and hope for the best. Well, I tried on the first pair…yeah no…they weren’t going to work…tried on the next…BINGO! 

Do you know Old Navy has these adorable drawstring shorts (they’re a dollar cheaper online) that are light weight and absolutely adorable and in a ton of colors and prints?! Eeek! I was and am still thrilled! Shorts that won’t make me hot, are comfortable, lightweight, and still trendy! Did I mention they are flattering too?! 

I haven’t told Aaron yet, but I bought like four pairs. I swear to you,  people probably thought I was crazy digging through the table for shorts, but when you find something that is cute you hoard!  At least I do 😊 so if you’re someone, like me, who has a transitioning post baby body or someone who just can’t stand clingy things, or someone who just loves cute-you’ve got to get a least one pair of these shorts! 

So that folks is my PSA for tonight! Forget online shopping, just go get them tomorrow (they’re on sale!)and be comfortable in this hot Ohio heat! 



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