{May 16,2016}

Well, I did it….my first run of shame after having Parker.  I’ve mentioned before how I struggle with the after birth body. It’s such an awkward transition for me and my first run of the season fell into that same awkward category.

Yesterday I needed to ‘pound’ out some bad vibes/feelings and I knew running was just what I needed. If you’re a runner of any kind, I’m sure you can relate to just sometimes craving the impact on the soles of you feet. It was a beautiful morning, my kiddos were at school and I loaded up, who is now, my new running partner-Parker.  I hit the path and quickly realized that my shorts were a little snug, my jelly belly was….well jelly and I needed to find my “stroller” running form again.

But I did it 2 miles done…so what if they were 10 minute miles and I’m sore all over today…It’s hard to appreciate a short run like that  when you think back to running 6-8 miles in a day and 2 is a struggle…but then I have to remind myself to be kind. Kind to myself…and most importantly that one-I did it…and two-it’s about enjoying the experience..and I did. I felt mentally happier, the bad feelings/vibes were gone, and I was ready to enjoy the rest of the day with a better attitude.

I know there are many parents out there like me. When it’s never enough. We are overly critical of ourselves and in the process of doing “life” we’re missing out on just simply enjoying the experiences of each day. I couldn’t just be proud that I exercised…I had to continue to critique and criticize myself and that’s not okay!

Celebrate who you are, what you do, and in the process ENJOY it! Then do it again the next day!





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