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Graced By Grit

By:Danielle Foulk

Erin Macdonald, a recently featured mom on B|blissful ®, is also an influencer/sales rep for a newly established company, Graced by Grit.  Graced by Grit is “A brand new athletic wear line for women and girls. The clothes are made for land and sea, so if you’re in to water sports, you don’t have to buy separate items. These can be worn for any activity! ” says Macdonald.

About a year ago owners, Kate Nowlan and Kimberly Caccavo, launched Graced by Grit.  Erin explains, “The founders saw a gap in the choices available for women when it came to athletic clothing. The price points were too high, the clothes were versatile enough and they didn’t fit every body type. They also realized that a lot of women come to be strong and active through gritty situations. Every person has been graced by grit and we can share amazing, functional clothing to help continue pushing ourselves to be better.”

While we have all seen the celebrity athletic lines, Macdonald says Graced by Grit is unique because “All of the clothes are manufactured right here in the US, from the most luxurious Italian fabrics. It is all UPF 50+ and can be worn on dry land or in the water. It also offers an XXS size for middle school aged girls looking to be active.” She also goes on to share there are new styles, colors, and prints being added and many new things, like the jogger pant, sell out almost immediately.

With a need to fill a gap in athletic wear choices for women and to spread a positive mission, Macdonald is hoping to introduce something new into the Cincinnati market. “I started as an Influencer and have been given a code (PRODEAL387) to give women 20% off their purchase as a way to get the brand out there. I’m now, also, a sales rep. looking for retail accounts in the area or women interested in hosting Fit Shops for their friends/family/coworkers.”

Want to look into Graced by Grit? Check out:; and follow Macdonald on social media accounts to learn about Fit Shops, Pop Up Shops, or new apparel as they become available. Twitter/Instagram 

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