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Simply Clean & Fit 

by Danielle Foulk~ June 6, 2016

On the Back Burner?
For some parents and their families it’s difficult to maintain a consistent and healthy lifestyle.  While America has been trending on a healthier track with Whole Foods, Fresh Market, and Trader Joe’s stores popping up on every corner, the challenge of healthy living remains a constant battle for many parents.

Are you a father who is constantly on the go for not only work but also your family? Or maybe you’re the mom who is tirelessly working and trying to keep the calendar and schedules all straight.  This very narrow look at parenthood is just a glimpse at the things that take the focus away from us,as parents, and our health and leave us sitting on the back burner.  How long have you been sitting back there?

One Mom’s Journey to Health & Success
Brooke Griffin, wife and stay-at-home mother to 3 children in Savannah, Georgia, had a love for baking.  Griffin loved baking so much that after having her first baby Juliana, she started a blog in 2009 called, The Art of Comfort Baking.  While enjoying the experience of  staying at home with her children and working on her blog, Griffin found herself in a pivotal moment that she would later find life changing.

“After my third baby, I started getting that “itch” to go back to work and at the same time was realizing that my body was not bouncing back as quickly as it had with the first two.” Griffin developed a partnership between Enter Coaching and Beachbody which is where she found her passion for helping others become fit and healthy. This not only was a change in Griffin’s life, but set a new path for her blog.  “I was sharing healthier recipes and meal plans and was getting a lot of positive feedback from it!”

With a new vision, and endless hours of help and support from her husband, Griffin began her new journey by first renaming her blog to Simply Clean & Fit in January of 2016. “My mission is to show other moms and dads that taking care of yourself is not selfish and in fact, it’s 100% necessary. When I am taking care of myself, I have more energy to be a better mom and wife and just feel happier. This causes a ripple effect in our daily lives! I’ve learned so much over these last two years since becoming a health and fitness coach and I’m passing that on to my readers!”

Simply Clean & Fit is a health and wellness site where clean eating recipes, fitness challenges, and weekly clean eating meal plans can be found.  Griffin describes her site as a, “One stop shop where viewers can check out meal plans and go directly from there to the recipes they will need.  I tried to make it as simple as possible to help others understand that learning how to eat clean is not complicated or difficult. “

With a deep passion for helping others find their way to healthy living, Griffin hopes to add an eCommerce section to her site where readers can shop directly for fitness programs and apparel.

Time’s Up!
When is the last time you took time for yourself?  What did you do for yourself? Were your needs met momentarily or was it something that had a positive and lasting effect on your body, mind, and soul? Time’s up! Let’s get off the back burner and for once focus on ourselves. As parents we want to be everything for our children. Let’s start by looking at ourselves and creating a lifestyle that will last us a lifetime.

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