What Not to Wear, Mom!


No, this is not a write up on what items you need to remove from your closet! This is “what not to wear” B|blissful style! Here are five things moms should not wear this season!

1. Don’t wear the attitudes of others.

Just because others may have a bad attitude on life doesn’t mean you need to have one too. Be careful not to get drug down with the negative nillys in life!

2. Green is a beautiful color to wear this Spring, but not if its accompanied with envy.

You’ve got to make sure you stop and appreciate YOUR life! If you’re busy chasing someone else’s dreams, how are you fulfilling your own?! Appreciate what you’ve been given, it’s then you will find  bliss!

3. Being a follower never looks good on
! So what your friend appears so be some super mom or seems to have things figured out more than you do! The likelyhood of them really knowing everything is slim. Trust me, you’ve got this mom!

4. Dressing everyday with a negative self-image. Now that’s a DON’T! 

Look, stop watching all the celebrity reality shows…these people are FAR from reality! They have no idea what it’s like to live like the rest of us. And anyways, what  type of role model are you being for your kids when you’re bashing yourself?  I know it’s hard, but start loving yourself and quit comparing yourself to others! 

5. Guilt-not a good layered look! 

Mom guilt is the worse. Guilt just piles up like loads of laundry.  Moms take on the pressures of the world and at the end of the day we seem to be our biggest critics. Give yourself a break. If your  children are well fed, happy, and have some clothes on their backs,then you’re doing alright in my books! So chill out and be nice to yourself..just enjoy the ride!

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