The Unexpected Things in Life….Can be Good Surprises


If you read the article  Cincy Chic wrote on B|blissful,  you are up-to-date on the unexpected things I have encountered in life. While at one  time I was frustrated to no end, I always kept my hope in God and knew he had things under control. Now, four years later, I am beginning to have more unexpected things occur in my life. But this time around I am finding the unexpected things aren’t always bad…they can be good too.

Today I was surprised out of no where. The kindergarten classes headed to the library for a special lesson on Mo Willems. We all gathered in the meeting area and listened to our librarian read Mo Willems’ latest book The Thank You Book.  Having read the book already, I knew how the story ended.  I won’t spoil it for you, but let’s just say my name was worked into the story and I just thought our librarian was having some fun with me. Unbeknownst to me, the teachers and kindergarten classes read the story as a way to say thank you to me since I’m leaving after this school year. Following this was a bag full of goodies including sweet thank you notes, The Thank You Book, Piggie and Gerald, and a beautiful owl mug. I really can’t tell you how many times I’ve really been surprised and today I really was but today they certainly got me!

My students and colleagues weren’t the only ones to have surprised me today. I had this amazing email in my inbox from Mother’s Day. The warmth, love, and appreciation shared made my heart grow another size. It also made me realize how seldom I receive letters anymore. After having had some time to really digest the letter, I stopped and reflected on how a simple thing, like a letter, has the power to tear down walls and begin building supportive relationships. If we as parents spend more time reaching out in small ways to give encouragement or thanks, the community in which we live would become a little different – for the better.
Parenthood has once again left me with a very teachable moment. While our past experiences may have not been ideal, those experiences will only make future moments that much sweeter.  Are you in tune with your parenting journey? I challenge you to start paying close attention to the details in your life. What may seem to be the worse moment or may be,what you think, is the smallest thing; it may turn out to be a treasure that will be revealed later in your parenting life.

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