Sloppy Seconds and BAD Attitudes!

I have 2 school days left with my kindergarten kiddos. Talk about a lump in my throat – and it’s not going away. It’s only getting bigger as the end nears. I entered into teaching because I had a bad experience when I was in kindergarten and I had committed myself to making a better experience for those who entered my classroom. It has been a pleasure and now I feel as though I’m leaving behind an important mission I was once on…maybe this mission is complete.


Tonight I was reminded of why I’m leaving the classroom. I’m tired of coming home to sloppy seconds and bad attitudes – and yes I’m including myself in this statement. After having to hold ourselves together all day, our patiences runs a little thin, and we, not including my hubby, are less than lovely with one another here and there.
While it’s so terribly hard to say goodbye to a place I have called home for some time now, I am looking forward to being a little less stressed, a little more pleasant, and a little less rushed. I guess you could say things have caught up with me and as it’s been put to me before, I just can’t handle it anymore.
I never expected or had a desire to be a stay-at-home parent. Had I envisioned this, maybe these last days of teaching wouldn’t be so difficult. However, I did picture myself living in a very happy home. So saying I couldn’t handle things isn’t really the way I would describe the cause of my leaving. I’ve pushed through for four years running the twins between my parent’s house, school, emergency runs to the doctor, soccer practice, not to mention the early mornings of getting the twins up at 5:45 AM…and that’s just a handful of instances out of about some 1,400 days.
My dad always told me I was in control of my happiness…and so it’s with a heavy heart I leave one very important thing to ensure a loving and happy household for my children to grow up in.
So I’m left with a question that I continue to ponder and probably will for some time…How are you doing it as a working parent and keeping happy? Share your secret for other parents. Being supportive is certainly more helpful than questioning one another.

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