First Day on the Job

I have a feeling I’m going to regret this. It’s 11:00 PM, I’m curled up in my office chair with my special quilt from my class and working. I have always been a night owl in the summers, but now that I’m on a permanent vacation with no motivation in the Fall to go to bed early, I’m not sure it’s the wisest decision I’ve made all day…I know what prayer I’ll be saying come tomorrow morning..”I can do all things through Christ (and COFFEE) who strengthens me.” Followed by a double cup of Joe!

In my last weeks of teaching, I was fortunate enough to have parents pop in to chat and share kind words and advice on the days that lay ahead of me in my new role. One morning, my friend, Holly came in and was chatting with me for a few minutes and she gave some advice that really stuck with me. She said to be sure and have a purpose each day. Somewhere to be, something to do so the days wouldn’t begin to just blur together. With that in mind this weekend, I made sure this past Sunday to have plans for my first day on the job as an official Stay-at-home- mom.

So how did it go? Well, I think if I were to give myself a grade it would probably be a B-. I should have got up when the kids did, but I threw the iPad and my phone at the kiddos when they woke up and told them to watch a show in my bed so I could get a few more minutes of sleep-okay let’s be honest it wasn’t a few minutes…it was like an hour.  The reason for getting up by 8:00 though was because I had made plans to head to the park with friends. I got myself and the kids ready before even heading down to breakfast, I made a healthy breakfast, cleaned up the kitchen, vacuumed, and managed to tackle some work all before heading out the door at 9:30.

I did manage to run late this morning getting to the park. But that’s not the end of the world. Planning on only staying at the park for an hour and a half, I unloaded the kiddos and left their snacks in the car-I’ve loved traveling light after a few years of hauling that double skip hop diaper bag!  Time was flying while spending time with my other mommy friends and watching the kids play. Soon Landen and Caroline were hungry and since I didn’t have our food with us, another mom shared. Then I realized I managed to leave the house with no sunscreen…yikes! Another fail. So I borrowed some sunscreen from another mommy friend.
Aside from receiving the forgetful award this morning, the kids had fun and left the park really happy and worn out!

On our way home from the park, we stopped at the store to look for a patch to fix our pool. We didn’t have any luck so we bought another pool (Which came with a patch! Now we have two pools!), some bubble sticks, and some pool toys. Riding home with the windows down, Landen claimed it was the best day ever! Score!

I made a yummy lunch, put the kids down, and got things together to swim after their quiet time. By the time the kids were ready to swim it was a little late, but they didn’t care. Our neighbor girl and her family came over and we all spent the evening in the backyard having a great time. I made dinner for the kiddos and they played until it was getting dark. Coming in, Landen claimed it to be the “BEST day EVER!” Hey, after years of teaching I know kids don’t lie…so I take his statements seriously! 😛

So while I was a little forgetful in the morning and really ill prepared for the day, I think it was overall a successful and fun day….and because Landen said it was.  As a parent, I feel accomplished that the only TV Landen and Caroline watched was in the morning and that they spent the day with friends running around and playing games.

So Holly’s point is one in which we, stay-at-home-parents, should really remember when days start running together and we can’t remember a thing. Stop and make a plan. Being a purposeful planner and having somewhere to be each day, really can start and finish the day off a little more “right.” I used to only make plans for myself, but including other parents is good for the soul too-and makes you feel so normal when comparing stories! Here is to another day in the life as a stay-at-home parent! Cheers!

B|real. B|blissful.®


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