Cincinnati Zoo: To Judge or Not to Judge?

Terrible things happen. Do we always know why? No. Can we as parents always try as hard as we can to prevent things from happening…well sure. I’ve  been off the grid for the last week or so and when my husband came down this morning to have coffee with me, he asked if I had heard anything about the gorilla and the Cincinnati Zoo. While I don’t purposefully avoid the news, I don’t make a concerted effort to see what’s happening…I’m just too busy to stop and read what only causes me heartache-most of the time. So, out of curiosity this morning, I got on social media to figure out what in the heck happened yesterday at our beloved Cincinnati Zoo.  Left with heartache as an animal lover and terrified/relieved as a parent, I found myself torn with emotion- and am currently still kinda there.

Where do we land as animal lovers and parents when it comes to what occurred yesterday? Do we lash out and take one side? Do we protest, accuse, and judge? I don’t know what kind of actions help others deal with their emotions. While I personally just wish things would have just been different and as much as I would love to entertain the judging side of things, ultimately I wasn’t there. I wasn’t there to see what the mom did or didn’t do. I wasn’t there to see how slow or fast the child was or to observe a flaw in the guard rails…I just wasn’t there.
As parents let’s be mad. Let’s be angry at all of it. But while being upset keep in mind that you weren’t there. That we weren’t in the mom’s shoes….we may never be in her exact shoes, but we as parents may be looking for grace sometime. We may find ourselves in a situation we never thought we would be in. So while it may be hard to not judge, dig deep and find a way to show a little grace.
For the animal lovers out there, lets mourn. Mourn the loss of an animal who in his mind was probably confused, concern, and overwhelmed. Pray for those who had to make the final decision and for those who witnessed the loss of a great presence at the Cincinnati Zoo, Harambe.
Ultimately, the situation happened. It’s over and we have not control over any of it. I think as not only parents, but as people, we need to take the time and focus on something that is productive. If you’re feelings are with the parents right now, pray for them. If you’re not in a place to understand the human side of things, pray for those who had to make the final decision. All parties involved in this situation need something and luckily, we’re a community that will take care of one another. I know it’s like a lump in your throat to swallow. It sucks and it’s frustrating. Just don’t dwell in that…it’s not good for you and it’s not helpful to those who really need your thoughts the most.
For all involved, B|blissful is thinking of you.
B|real. B|blissful.

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